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Stephanie West

The third time is the charm! My fiancé and I just bought and moved into our home, not even two weeks later we had plumbing issues. Called one guy, temporary fix and when we called to see if he could come back out he told us he didn’t have a snake. What plumber doesn’t have a snake?! Then we had another company come out, by 1 a.m. he wasn’t able to fix the problem. The following day, Willy was referred to us. What a relief!! He came out in a Saturday morning, used his machines and cameras, we ended up having the tree in front of our house crush the clay pipes and was traveling through our pipes. The technician gave us a price to fix it, EXTREMELY REASONABLE! Even with the street having to be closed off, all the workers, the sidewalk, street, and our driveway having to be open, it really was affordable. The tech was there the whole time, and each and every time someone came out. He was very sincere, extremely intelligent, and above all professional. Hopefully, we won’t need a plumber for a long time, but if we do, we’ll for sure call The Clog Dr. first.

David Wasserman

We had a leak in our ceiling and submitted an online request for service on Sunday afternoon. I received a call back in less than 5 minutes and made an appointment for Monday morning. William arrived on time within the time frame specified and diagnosed and fixed our problem. He explained everything as he did it which was very helpful. As the other reviews said, William knew his stuff and fixed our issue. More importantly, William is a genuinely nice person and answered all of my questions and fixed another small problem with my toilet as well. It was a much better experience than I have had in the past with plumbers in general and I recommend Will without hesitation. I was initially hesitant about who I was going to call to fix this problem and glad I found Will and the Clog Dr. While I’m hoping for no more plumbing issues for a while, it’s comforting to know I can call Will and know I will get great service! Thanks again!

Cathy Campbell
East Haven

Willy is the best!!! My hot water heater sprung a leak and needed to be replaced. I was in a panic because this happened at 9 PM on a Wednesday evening and I had a doctor’s appointment for a minor surgery the next day and definitely wanted to take a shower in the morning. Willy jumped into action managed to find the exact hot water heater needed for space, drove 1/2 hour to get to my house, greeted me with a big smile and started the installation process by 10 PM!! His workmanship was top notch and he remained extremely pleasant and personable throughout the process. The hot water heater he installed was a highly rated Rheem 40 gallon natural gas unit. He removed the old unit and completed the job by 11:45 PM. Willy will be my go-to guy for any plumbing needs from now on!!!

Claudia Mastrianni

I had a problem with my kitchen sink a few weeks ago and called the clog doctor. Within an hour they sent a tech “Willy” who did a fabulous job of clearing my clogged drain and also fixed some problems I was having with my sink. He was quite professional and took the time to explain the work that needed to be done as well as the cost. He made sure everything was working before he left and also cleaned up after he was done. Great service… .. I would recommend and use the Clog DR. again.

Vera Hallilaj

This is the first time I used Clog Dr. and I am more than satisfied with the services provided. When I called and requested drain clog services Willy was professional and arrived at my house within 40 minutes. After I observed his excellent work performance unclogging my bathtub drain I immediately requested bathroom vanity installation services. The price installation was very affordable so I hired him to install my vanity the same day. William is very resourceful and “goes out of his way” helping his customers. My husband, daughter and I are very happy and we strongly recommend Clog Dr. services. We appreciate your hard work, William!

Vicky Morton

Just had Willy come to investigate our sewer line, which we suspected had a break. He was extremely professional and friendly. Used his state-of-the-art camera to check the line and found that, although there was no break, we had a lot of tree roots infiltrating the line. He spent an hour snaking the line to clear as many of the roots as possible. He was extremely diligent in trying to make sure it was clear. He made sure to show me all the steps so that I could understand what he was doing and see where the problem was. After he finished, he cleaned up thoroughly and left the basement in the same condition he found it. His price seemed reasonable for the amount of work he performed and the equipment involved. Most importantly, he gave me peace of mind that my sewer line was in good shape.

Thanks, Willy! I will definitely use you again to keep our sewer line cleaned out and will recommend you to anyone who has drain issues.

Kenneth Fay

I don’t usually leave comments and sometimes am skeptical about comments on a company website but in this case, it’s all true! Willy took the time and effort to check out my plumbing issues and answered all of my questions. He is respectful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. He and Terence then came back as scheduled and fixed my mainline out with a degree of professionalism I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I highly recommend their services and would call them first should any future issues arise.

Yasmin Cameron

Three distinct words describe the Clog Dr. EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE. Being a woman and a new homeowner, I was reluctant to seek out a plumber until my colleague Claudia assured me of the Clog Dr’s stellar reputation. She was dead on. Willy, the Clog Wizard, surpassed my expectations on service and professionalism. I will definitely utilize the Clog Dr. for all my future plumbing problems. Thanks, Doc

Mark Dacampora
Landlord in Bridgeport

The Clog Dr is one of the best service companies I have ever dealt with since buying a multifamily rental property. After my first meeting with Willy and seeing the professionalism that he brings to the Jobsite, I was glad I found him online. I was very happy with the work he did to replace rotting pipes and stop the leaks. He works neatly, cleans up when finished and will give you a fair price for the work. He is now my go-to guy for all my plumbing work and saves me time and money by setting appointments directly with my tenants. I never have to worry about being on-site because I know he is honest and gets the work done right. Thanks, Willy!

Fred K.
from Fairfield

The first time I used Clog Dr. I had two other drain service companies come over– and neither could fix the problem. The first guy charged me $450 and shrugged his shoulders, basically saying hey, can’t fix it, but I was here for 2 hours so I need to get paid. The second guy charged me $800, calling his “advisor” to tell him what needed to be done! Finally, I called Clog Dr., and in 2 hours he fixed the problem– a clogged gutter drain. And charged me less than the first guy. Willy is a godsend!! Honest, excellent work. I would heartily recommend him and Clog Dr. to anyone– you won’t be disappointed in his work or his bill. Highly recommended. 5+stars!!

Michael Lilburn
from Bridgeport

We had a clog in one of the mainstream drains to the septic, or so we thought. Turns out the pipe had been crushed, only discovered by the use of a camera. The technician, Willy, located the exact spot of the break, he dug it up and fixed the line in hours. Yes, it cost some cash, but the speed and attention to detail were unparalleled. I thoroughly recommend you for these commercial grade problems. Well done!!

We first met Willy a few years back when he made several repairs in our Mother’s house in Bridgeport. We remembered how wonderful he was and we called upon him again this past year to help us with our house in Milford.  Our house was built in 1942 and almost everything in the bathroom seemed to stop working all at once. Our toilet tank kept draining a few inches of water and filling every 20 minutes around the clock and we could not turn off the toilet because the shut-off valve was cracked. The toilet itself was loose.  Our bathroom sink was clogged and could not be used at all. We purchased a new sink the year before but none of us were brave enough to install it. The washing machine drain pipe was backing up and overflowing. The outside water shut off valve would not turn off the water.  We also wanted to replace the main shut off valve for the house with a new, quick, easy, one quarter turn valve. We tried to fix some things on our own and we made them worse.  When water was pouring into the basement after we tried to fix the showerhead, we emailed The Clog Doctor that evening.  We specifically asked for Willy who replied first thing in the morning at 7:20 am and was at our house by 9:30 am. Willy tackled our list and meticulously repaired each item one at a time.  He used to care and caution while working and he was always very polite and professional.  There were some hiccups along the way and some unexpected repairs that we would not have known about had we not called The Clog Doctor. With each of these roadblocks, Willy would stop and explain what the issue was and how he planned to deal with it and what the cost involved would be.  He also educated us as he went along, and he showed a great deal of patience with us when we did not always understand the plumbing “lingo”.  He was at the house for 6 hours and never once stopped to take a break. In addition, he installed our new pedestal sink with faucet.  He also discovered the reason for the sink clog and the bubbling toilet, the vent on the roof was clogged. As soon as he repaired the clog, the bathroom sink was running smoother and better than when we first moved in 18 years before. We tell our story to everyone who is looking for a plumber. No more Liquid Plumber or “do-it-yourself” plumbing projects for us! It may sound corny, but from now on, we plan to call the Doctor, The Clog DR. Plumbing.

Linda van-Reet,

From Bridgeport, CT

My kitchen drain decided to back up and clog on a Friday night. I called the Clog Dr and Willy answered the phone. Imagine!!!….No answering service and I spoke to a human being! It’s a wonderful thing! He asked if I wanted him to come out right away? It was 10:00 pm, so I said that if someone could come out sometime on Saturday, then that would be fine. He said that he would see me between 8 & 9. The next morning, he called to say that he was on his way and was there before 9:00. Willy did a fabulous job of clearing my clogged drain, and also fixed a leak that started with this problem.  He was quite professional and took the time to explain the work that needed to be done as well as the cost. He made sure everything was working before he left and also cleaned up after he was done. Great service!!!!! I’m having him come back this weekend to do another job for me. Imagine! Someone who works on Saturday. I don’t have to miss work to have my plumbing repaired. It’s nice that someone understands that… I would recommend Willy and the Clog DR.

Amy C.

San Anselmo, CA

Amazing service. He spent a good part of three days searching for the root of my “clog” and found that there was no clog, but instead, the pipes were collapsing. He was friendly and extremely determined to find the issue but only charged me what he originally had quoted despite the fact that it took so long to figure out the issue. Kind, honest, hard-working and humble service. I wish I could find this for every aspect of my home care!

Clog Dr. has been so helpful. They are professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable.  They fixed the main waste line that was damaged by tree roots.  He used a technique that repaired the pipe from the inside without having to excavate. Using a video feed, he showed us the two (yes two) problem areas. When the work was completed, we saw the repaired areas on the monitor. Since he came, the roots are gone and will stay gone.  He quoted a fair price, did the work in less than one day, and brought us such peace knowing this will not be an issue.  

A month later I called him again, this time to fix a clogged sink.  I was so glad to hear he did this kind of work as well.  I attempted to clean the trap myself, but quickly got in over my head as part of the pipe could be removed and part of it was sealed tight to another section of PVC.  Willy came up with an ingenious solution, opened the trap, snaked the line, and reassembled it all so we could have access in the future.  His creative solution saved the day.

I would highly recommend Willy and his team.  They explain fully what they are going to do and why the work is necessary.  Their quotes are accurate and there are no hidden surprises.   Additionally, they leave the work site as clean as they found it. =]

They care about the work they do and ensure it’s done right the first time- so it makes it easy to recommend their services.

Thank you Clog Dr!

Amazing service! The Clog Dr. responded right away and communicated clearly every step of the way. They fixed the problem in a timely manner and the price was great too. Very happy to have found The Clog Dr. and we definitely will call them again and recommend them.  Thank you so much, Clog Dr.!

New homeowners, had no idea what to do about our ceiling leak.  The Clog Dr was professional, super friendly, and knew his stuff.  I would recommend a thousand times over and will stick with him in the future!

Pam B.

We had a kitchen sink clog that we tried to clear ourselves and just couldn’t.  Not knowing who to call we checked Yelp and found The Clog Dr.
What first stood out to us was that they offer a military discount… only great businesses do that!
Then after reading the reviews they had for promptness, professionalism and fixing the problem the first time we decided to request a quote.  The response time was very fast and Willy called before he came and showed up when he said he would.  I was back washing dishes in no time.  If you’re looking for a great plumber look no further… you found one – The Clog Dr. 

Much better than I expected!  I had bad experiences with local plumbers before, so when my house started having flooding issues – I tried everything I could myself first.  Tracked it down to my main sewer line.  Called a bunch of places, got a broad range of rates (most wanted to start with a diagnostic fee, then ‘see where it goes’).

This guy listened to me over the phone – tells me his flat rate, better than a lot of them.  Then after telling me that he can’t come till 3, but will call first – calls me around 1.  I agree to an earlier time and he shows up by 1:30.  No tinkering around, he comes in, double checks a couple of things and then gets the machine setup.  Took a few runs to get the clog broken through.  Once through, he runs the camera through and sees a little residue in a couple of spots – so runs the machine through the line a 4th time.  Good camera, and one the last run of it – it looks great.

He was in and out before 3, saving me some of my afternoons.  Thanks!

David M.

After two days of troubleshooting a clog in my plumbing, I was convinced the problem was not in the house but in the sewer line.  I called the Clog Dr. and was told they could be at my house within the hour. They arrived on time and were very courteous and professional. Willie and his son MacArthur quickly found the problem which was tree roots clogging the sewer line from the house to the street. The clog was 106 feet from the house. Willie installed a two-bladed root cutter on his snake and that worked O.K but didn’t get all of the roots. Then he installed a single blade cutter that got even more of the roots and cleared the clog. But, we didn’t leave it there, he then used a Jetter (4,000 psi) pressure washer with a cutting head to remove all of the remaining roots and to clean out the pipe. During the process, he used a video camera that provided a color video of the entire pipe. I could see how clean it was when he was through.  The price was also very good. I highly recommend these guys to resolve any type of clog in your plumbing.

The Clog Dr is the man. He arrived right on time yesterday and quickly solved our plumbing crisis. He’s a very personable guy and clearly very skilled at plumbing. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Amazing service. He spent a good part of three days searching for the root of my “clog” and found that there was no clog, but instead, the pipes were collapsing. He was friendly and extremely determined to find the issue but only charged me what he originally had quoted despite the fact that it took so long to figure out the issue. Kind, honest, hard-working and humble service. I wish I could find this for every aspect of my home care!