Yes, we can help with Clogged bathroom sink issues.

Clog bathroom sink


Do you have a Clogged bathroom sink in Wolcott, CT? Clogged bathroom sinks are among the most common drainage issues to plague businesses and homeowners, largely because hair and soap residue are nightmares for smooth draining. Before you roll up your sleeves and get into the do-it-yourself spirit, give Clog Dr. a call.

When it comes to bathroom sinks, for instance, don’t think chemical-based drain cleaners are the easy, go-to fix. The chemicals can sometimes cause more damage to your system, even if the clog seems fixed initially. Plus, backsplash from stubborn blockages could seriously harm your skin and eyes. You can avoid these catastrophes by calling The Clog Dr.

Our vast knowledge assures that your clogged bathroom sink drain in Wolcott, CT will be running clear again. Our team will inspect the extent of the problem, and determine the best remedy for cleaning and fixing the clogged drain or toilet. From minor issues fixed in a quick manner to more drastic problems that require a more advanced solution, our team will work on all possible solutions to repair the clogged bathroom sink drain.

We ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the work done, making sure we can restore the full convenience of using your bathroom to your liking. We’ll get rid of that tough hair and gunk buildup in your bathroom sink drain and have it draining like new!

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